Mil-Spec Wire Source

Multi Conductor Mil-Spec Cable

MIL-C-13486 MIL-Spec Wire MIL-C-3432 MIL-Spec Wire MIL-C-27500 Cables
MIL-C-17 Coaxial Cable MIL-C-76 MIL-C-55021

MIL-C-13486 MIL-Spec Wire

MIL-C-13486 MIL-Spec wire is a Heavy Duty Vehicle Cable. The MIL-Spec wire is constructed with a stranded tinned copper conductor, rubber insulating core, inner glass braid and a black neoprene jacket. It is used for all types of military ground vehicles, such as tanks, trailers, trucks, and jeeps. The MIL-Spec wire possesses excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures. MIL-C-13486's resistance to abrasion, fluids, and weather allows for use in exposed situations. The MIL-Spec wire is also fungus resistant.

MIL-C-3432 MIL-Spec Wire

MIL-C-3432 is a military specification covering portable power cable and control cable. Control cable can be shielded, unshielded, or any combination.

MIL-C-27500 Cables

The MIL-C-27500 specification is commonly used to describe both shielded and unshielded cable constructions for avionics, aerospace, and airframe applications. The cables may be used for aerospace flight vehicles. The cable's primary conductors may be manufactured in accordance to SAE AS22759/18. There is no Qualified Products Listing (QPL) for MIL-C-27500 Cable.

MIL-C-17 Coaxial Cable

MIL-C-17 is a standard for coaxial cable that has been specified for use by the military.

10603 Hook Up Wire (HTXE) Army Drawing 12293251

10603 Hook Up Wire is an HXTE Military Wire and meets Army Drawing 12293251 approval. It is a special purpose, double insulation MIL-Spec wire. 10603 Hook Up Wire has grown significantly in demand over the last few years. Often requested parts include 10603-10, 10603-8, 10603-4, 10603-2, 10603-1, 10603-0, and 10603-00.


MIL-C-76 is a military specification covering insulated, electrical hook up wire. Types of MIL-C-76 include Type LWP, Type MWP and Type HWP.



MIL-C-55021 is a military specification covering electrical cables being shielded singles, shielded and jacketed singles, and twisted pairs and triples. MIL-C-55021 is intended for internal wiring of electrical equipment for application temperatures of -40 °C to 105°C or -65°C to 200°C.